How To Choose The Best Waterproof Hiking Boots For Women

Best waterproof hiking boots for women are what you need to be looking at if you plan on doing some serious winter hiking. Even if you’re not going to be doing winter hiking where it’s inherently wet outside, you’re still going to have to deal with rainfall on a regular basis when you’re hiking most mountainous areas. Water resistance is an extremely important factor in choosing hiking boots for women because so much hiking is done in places that receive a lot of rainfall throughout the year. Whether you’re on the mountain, hiking alongside a stream, or down in some cave somewhere, you’re usually in areas that see a lot of water. If you don’t choose hiking boots with a lot of waterproof protection all-around, then your feet are going to get wet and soaked, and that can be unpleasant and even dangerous.

GORE-TEX Or Not? What’s Best For Water Resistance?

You are going to cut down on the breathability of your shoes if you have that waterproof layer on them, and the membrane will also put some more weight on the boots. However, it’s well worth it, considering that your feet won’t get soaked and wet. However, if you are going to be hiking in desserty, hot, and dry areas, it could suit you to pick boots without the membrane so that your feet can be a little dryer on the inside. You won’t sweat as much down there if there is a breathable layer. If your feet start soaking through from the outside, you can incur a lot of difficulty and unpleasantness in hiking that is completely unnecessary. Just keep in mind that water can still spill in from the top of the shoe, and some shoes with a waterproof lining only protect against shallow water. You need to procure shoes that protect water from spilling in through the top too, and that means buying some heavy-duty boots which lace up ight.

What About The Fit?

Fit is the most important thing to think about when buying hiking boots. If a boot is too big, then your heel will slip and slide inside, and it will lead to blisters. Plus, your foot could slide forward when you’re trekking downhill, and it could cause toe-bang. If a boot is too little, then it will cramp up your toes, and it will lead to blisters, and it will make some parts of your feet go numb too.

You need your toes to be able to wiggle around in the top area of your boot, but you don’t a lot of extra length in the front part through. Make certain that the boot laces around the whole foot entirely, holding your foot in place inside the boots.

If you have a foot that’s an unusual size, like a foot that is particularly wide or narrow, then search for a pair of boots that have sizing choices tailored for your foot, like the Lowa Renegade or Vasque Breeze that have very wide and narrow options. Spending some extra time to get the right fit will significantly enhance your hiking experience.

What’s A Good Pair Of Waterproof Women’s Hiking Boots?

The KEEN Women’s Gypsum Mid Hiking boot comes in at $139, and it’s made out of fabric and leather, with a rubber sole, and it has a KEEN.DRY trademarked waterproof breathable membrane. This hiking boot offers comfort and stability mile after mile, no matter how tough the hiking trek is. Whether you’re running errands and going about your business around town, or whether you’re hitting trails, these hiking boots work equally well. They are stylish and fashionable enough to wear in the city, but they are durable and strong enough to wear on the trail too. They have a lightweight and flexible design that is low-profile, a nubuck-leather waterproof upper, and a TPU shank that minimizes foot fatigue. The waterproof uppers give you breathable protection. Since conditions can change rapidly, this hiking boots offers you a number of distinct moisture-protection features. Water will stay out, and your foot will be able to breathe too. The waterproof membrane will wick away vapor and moisture to guard against your foot odor.

Now, you know a lot more as far as choosing the best waterproof hiking boots for women. You won’t be so flabbergasted when you go into a store and don’t know how to make up your mind. You’ll have a clear idea of where to start.

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