Picking The Best Hiking Boots For Wide Feet

It’s a little bit difficult to pick the best hiking boots for wide feet. If you have wide feet, you’re at a disadvantage. This doesn’t just apply to hiking boots, however. It applies to every kind of boot.

It’s hard to find a comfortable pair of hiking shoes if you have wide feet. If your feet are flat and double the width of normal feet, it could be hard to find a comfortable pair of hiking boots for those arduous winter treks.

Shoe Stores Are A Good First Option

One option you have is to go to a New Balance store and get measured for width. New Balance is a store based in the U.S., and they have a unique in-store measuring process and corresponding shoe size widths for all their shoes. Not only do you pick the length size when you go into a New Balance store, you pick the width size too.

Running shoe stores are ideal places to look when you’re trying to find shoes that will fit your wide feet. It’s not just New Balance in particular. There are lots of stores that have similar shoe width measuring options. New Balance is a favorite go-to store though because they do have shoe width measuring built right in. Plus, New Balance has a section just for hiking shoes.

It’s All In The Laces: That’s The Secret

One of the problems of picking out shoes for wide feet is that you may feel like your feet are slipping and sliding, like a little sloppy on the inside. You can try tightening the laces at mid-foot just a little bit tighter, and that usually solves the problem. One of the best ways to fix a too-wide shoe (one you had to buy because your feet are so wide) is to learn how to operate the laces. The laces make the shoes easy to wear and comfortable if you’ve accidentally purchased shoes that are just a little too wide.

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